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My WIP’s Protagonist is on Tumblr

What a time to be a creator of things. Much of the purpose of creative endeavor is to share something with others, to engage with the audience. More and more this is becoming less of a one-way street than it used to be. So why not share more of the process?

To this end, at lunch today I started a tumblr account for my current work-in-progess piece’s protagonist. She’d be about 45 now, and would definitely be running around the nets posting stuff that interests her.

My goals for this little experiment are bifold.

  • Have place to log the various drips and drabs of research I’m doing.
  • Play with the character’s voice. Let me get into her headspace more often, and see how she would feel about various things.

Sure, budding writers are always told that you need to get all social media-y to get your name out. This is not one of those deals. It’s not advertising. I mean, the book isn’t even half-way done yet.

I want to play around with my own creative process a bit, to see if getting away from the keyboard, outside of the plot, and into Robin’s personality will help me figure out who she is. Like if I were to start an in-character diary for her. A writing prompt process.

Now, if I were a published and awesome writer, there would be concerns of spoilers or maybe even copyright, I’m sure. Certainly not a problem here. If, once this book is finished, published, and flying off the shelves from the widepsread popular and critical acclaim it is just sure to receive, people want see what was on my mind when I wrote it, they’re more than welcome to tumble down that particular rabbit hole. If you’re reading this post and are curious, you can go to and start the descent now.

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