Storynexus Launches Dev App — I Go Nutso

Fallen London. It’s good, and you should go check it.

One city.
A thousand choices.

Discover a dark and hilarious Gothic underworld where your actions affect everything from the fate of the British Empire to the price of your soul. Dance with devils. Seduce an artist. Wrestle tigers. Converse with cats. Plot a revolution. All in your coffee break. And did we mention it’s free?

Welcome. Delicious friend.

The stories are fantastic, the style is unique, etc etc. It’s one of the touchstones of contemporary interactive fiction.

And they’ve released their development tools. So anybody can make one now. Woot!

I’ve started building a game based in the world of my current work in progress. Storylines unrelated to the book, of course, but fleshing out the world a bit. Further updates as events warrant.

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