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You may remember me talking about Yoon Ha Lee‘s rad ‘The Book of Locked Doors‘. Imagine my delight when I saw today’s announcement from Failbetter Games:

Yoon Ha Lee is great. She writes like the unacknowledged offspring of Elizabeth Hand and William Faulkner, and I’ve liked her work since I read The Black Abacus, a short story about love and death and ethics and an unfought war in space. I found out recently that she wrote interactive fiction too. So I asked her to write something for StoryNexus.

She did, and we’re launching it today. It’s called Winterstrike, and it’s rich and strange and very cold. And big. Play it, and learn about the the Ocular Guard and the insectines and the Woman with Tiger Guns… and the ironbird.

Holy moley! Very excited to try this, but afraid I’ll be terribly jealous when comparing it with the one I’m developing. I’m sure it’s worth the risk!


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