To Edit, or to Finish?

That cursor just keeps on blinkin’.

I’m at about 3/4 of completion of the first draft of my latest novel, and I just can’t seem to get those words down. Everything to this point has led up to the previous scene, in which all secrets are revealed. Nothing left but to go and do the thing.

So, why am I struggling?

This is the first time I watched the book change as I write it, the first time character motivations and world-building issues have morphed as part of the process. So how can I finish without going back and making sure everything lines up? How can I finish an arc which is still slipping around?

I think I’ve gotta bring this thing to conclusion. Why go back and fix if I’m not done building?

Wish me luck.

2 replies on “To Edit, or to Finish?”

Hey Alex,

I wish you luck and hope you can finish
what you have started. I am anxious
to see the final result and can’t wait to
read the book if it does come out in the market!

Thank you,
Kaushal Pandya

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