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Reader / Writer Collaboration — The Word is Getting Out

This is what I’m talking about, people!

Very glad to see The Literary Platform’s piece entitled ‘The rise of writer/fan collaboration’.

While as recently as 15 years ago the writer was simply handing words down from the mountain top, now, through blogging and twitter, writers are in constant conversation with their readers and each other. The next twist in the tale may be writers actually collaborating with their audience.

I’ve been banging this particular drum for a while now, and Farnell has hit the high points of what has taken place since then. Gaiman’s recent Calendar of Tales makes an appearance, as does Adam Christopher’s World Builder project, which I posted about a while back.

There must be more going on out there, but to see the two biggies on a big site like the Lit Platform is good news, especially as I continue work on my own project. Now if I could just get an agent to read my book….

But perhaps I’m approaching this the wrong way. I’m sending around a query letter for the novel with a note about the interactive fiction portion. Maybe I should hit ’em with the big idea first.

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