The Catalog

Finally took some time to organize my writing folder. And just since I’m a wacko, here’s a catalog of what I found. articles.
The old blog.
A coded story hidden in a book.
A book about fairies and computers.
A sci-fi book retelling an irish myth.
My first Nano novel – space opera
A sci-fi TV Pilot.
Some flavor text for an old game (Arcanum)
Several missions for a game which has yet to be released.
Interactive fiction — nightmares
Interactive fiction — Revolutionary War
A mission for Star Wars: Galactic Battlegrounds (took runner-up for that one!)
Several issues of a magazine.
My version of Episode I.
A play about geeks.
A play in space
A play about nightmares.
A story about a barbershop.
A story I wrote for a WoW contest.
A story about time and Civil Service.
A story about living in virtual reality.
Three stories currently on sub.
And a whole bunch of false starts.

Feels good to go through it like that. Over a decade of stuff. But, I swear, the NEXT one’ll be the good one!

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