Podcasting and Open Source Life

My latest project is a serialized fiction podcast, which means I need some tech. Fortunately for me, I live in the future.

Recording/editing software. I need to record my voice, clean it up, cut in intro and extro etc. Enter Audacity. For free. Plug in Ye Olde Headset and we’re go.

So, that’s all well and good. Basics covered. Now how about some music? Unless I find a baritone horn and remember my high school band days, I’ve got nothing. And I’ve never composed a thing.

And along comes Otomata, an Online Generative Musical Sequencer. Whatever that means. Either way, after a little playing around I’ve got some theme music.

Next up, cover art. Turns out you need something akin to an album cover. So, now what?

The story’s a space adventure, so a starscape would be good. Oh, don’t worry. Some dude’s developed software to generate them. For free. Pull it into the GiMP (opensource image editing) for tweaking.

Image is set, now I need to get some text on there. I could go with one of the default fonts. But what fun would that be? Might as well grab something from the professional fontsmiths at Blambot, who have a free fonts license.

Pulp-O-Mizer_Cover_Image (1)


 Hmmm… a serialized space adventure? Sounds like something from the era of pulp fiction and radio dramas. Man, making an old-timey magazine cover would be awesome for getting the word out. Too bad I can’t… oh wait. The pulp-o-mizer.

Seriously. Get yourself some free stuff and use it to make things.


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