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The Thing for the PS2

Yes, the obsession continues.

I played through the majority of the PS2 The Thing, which set itself up as a sequel to the movie. Two things worth mention:

From a plot standpoint, this game went the route of Aliens and gave the government/some corporation/some mad scientist dude the brilliant idea of taking this highly-dangerous being and studying it for purposes of evil war stuff. So, once again we have the ‘better not let this thing get to the mainland’ conflict. In truth, it just gave an excuse to blow shit up. Which is fine, I guess.

The gameplay is more-or-less Goldeneye, but with the addition of some basic squad management with a decidedly Thing twist. As you come across fellow survivors, you have no idea if they are actually human or not. Same goes for them – and if they don’t trust you you can forget about getting any help.  Or, you know, they might explode into gory creepos and kill you. The NPCs will also become more and more freaked out as they witness crazy alien stuff, eventually collapsing into breakdowns if you don’t keep their spirits up. Fear and trust – two of the main emotional elements of the movie. So, good job there — though I would have preferred more of it.

And at the end, MacReady’s still alive.  What?

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