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The Sartor Classics II – Encryption

This is part of a series of posts about the my Sartor Classics project.  See all the posts here.


So, what to write about? Well, first I wanted to see what the state of encryption was in Ezio’s time. This led me to Leon Battista Alberti, who invented what we would call the secret decoder ring. And he was an architect. In Florence. In the late 1400’s. Who designed the facade of one of the buildings in the game, and is mentioned in the game’s database. And is a known humanist.

In short, this was the guy.

I penned a short story about this fellow and his connection with the Assassins. It had to be pretty short, since hiding it in the text would require some serious finagling. To encrypt the dang thing, I ended up writing an Alberti Cipher script to eat the text and spit it back out in code. Couldn’t find anything online that would do it.

So, I had a collection of texts and a secret message to hid therein. Now for the fun part.

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