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The Sartor Classics V — The End

This is last part of a series of posts about the my Sartor Classics project. See all the posts here.

After some Luluing, I had in my hands the final tome. All that remained was to send it to Ubisoft — but to whom? Of the hundreds of people employed by the company, who would be most likely to get a kick out of the project? Who picked these texts anyway?

 Apparently there is someone whose job is “Historian and Research”. This certainly sounds like the person I’m looking for.

After a few phone calls and an ill-timed UPS shipment around the holidays, the package arrived at Ubisoft Montreal in early January. Did it make it to Maxime Durand? Did anyone there even open it? If so, did they dig it?

My intent was to have this book arrive on someone’s desk unbidden, and with little to no explanation as to what it was, a puzzle based in the AC universe presented to those responsible for its creation in a way that would make them curious. So, it comes as no surprise that there is no word as of yet. If I do hear anything, though, I’ll be sure to let you know.

Either way, it was a fun project. It certainly stands as my most involved fan project to date, and if collecting old texts, writing codes, and formatting books is your idea of a good time, I recommend it!

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Good day Alex,

Wow, I just came back from vacations and received a very nice and strange gift! Had I ordered that? I could not remember of it, nor could I find any trace of it in my accounts. Livingston; who is this guy? Of course, searching for untold answers is my daily work and I was glad I could find an answer that easily.

Eh! Seriously, thank you so much; this is a crazy fan-made gift! I’ll definitely have a deaper look into it and let everyone on the team know about it! And congratulations on making it up to the credits. Hope you enjoyed the game.


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