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The Sartor Classics – A Response from Ubisoft’s Darby McDevitt

The lead writer for Assassin’s Creed sent me an email about The Sartor Classics!


Just had a look at your incredible anthology – amazing work! We’re all quite humbled by the dedication and intelligence of fans like you, but not in the least bit surprised. AC games, for their mature and serious treatment of history, have always attracted fans with scholarly temperaments. And I think your project represents the apotheosis of this trend. Well done!

The selection of books that ultimately made it into ACR came about through a joint effort by me and a number of other people on the team. I began with a smaller list of books that I felt was necessary, then crowd-sourced from our team to find the rest. And since we had people from six of the seven continents working on ACR, it wasn’t difficult to find rare classics that a Western educated wonk like me was sure to miss.

FYI, one of the books we included, “The Flute Girl,” is quite rare indeed. The only mention of it I could find was in a book called “Istanbul: The Imperial City” by John Freely. I included it because it contains one of the earliest descriptions of Byzantium in world literature. The excerpt is small, however, so it may not be worth tracking down…

All the best!

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“… your project represents the apotheosis of this trend.”
Great praise indeed. Congratulations!
Another feat for you portfolio.

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