How to Become a Werewolf. In Skyrim, I mean.

Best executed part of the game.  Here’s the run-down on how to get there fast.

  • The game starts in Helgen. The main plot will send you to Riverwood, then to Whiterun.
  • In Whiterun, go to Jorrvaskr, the mead hall of the Companions.
  • Join the Companions, and participate in their quests up to and including The Silver Hand. Welcome to werewolfdom. But only once a day….
  • At this point, go to the Whiterun Stables and hire a carriage to Falkreath.
  • Three people are standing in a cemetery. Speak with them to receive the quest Ill Met By Moonlight.
  • Do this quest, and choose to help Sinding. Now you can go wolfy whenever the F you want.

Now, I did not do this, but here’s what I’ve heard:

  • Finish the Companions questline, through Glory of the Dead.
  • Speak with Aela the Huntress in Jorvasskr. She will take you on three quests to find Totems of Hircine. These totems augment your wolfiness in various ways.

Happy hunting.

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