If I’m not one myself.

Dude. It’s here. The biggest Geek Day since the holiday’s inception. Firefox and Halo 2 on the same day.

A brief history. The Geek Day tradition started long ago with the release of the Star Wars: Episode I trailer online. This event was the first recorded example of a date with attributes we now associate with Geek Day. Work is cut, internet usage spikes, and the IT guys are all abuzz. Modern historians state that the combination of the availability of high-speed internet access and genius marketing decisions made a for heady cocktail the geeks of the world were all too ready to try. Geek Day has been observed recently with midnight vigils at Best Buy, marking the release of Doom III and the extended editions of Lord of the Rings.

November 9th, 2004 marks the first full release of Firefox, the geek’s choice of web browser. It’s safe, fast, and easy; it’s not well-known to non-geeks, thus granting uber-nerd status to those that use it; it’s not by Microsoft. The kids are loving it. A pre-release version has been available for a while, but today’s the day to sport your Mozilla polo shirt and celebrate. The website was frickin’ mobbed this morning.

Also, Halo 2, the highly hyped sequel to one of the most successful games in recent memory, was released at midnight. There exists no decent reason for it to be anything short of unspeakably good.

Now that I’ve downloaded Firefox 1.0 and posted, I’m off to play Halo 2. The geek priests would be pleased with my observance rituals.

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