Denouement to Follow

I’m sending it back. The morning after the last iteration in the saga of Alex vs. the Dell, the blue screen came up again. I spent the day getting primed for the call, running through the playbook in my mind, devising stratagems, hardening my resolve. I hate being Angry Customer Guy and have been fortunate enought not to have to don that mask but a few times. This was going to be his greatest victory.

I called the Dell I-Heart-Customers line, guns at the ready. They offered to replace the machine and send UPS to pick up the old one for free. No need to bring out the Sith lord.

One reply on “Denouement to Follow”

I rarely suggest getting snooty and sending back your order in a restaurant for fear of what the underpaid kitchen staff might slip into it, but here I think you made the right decision. if Michael Dell is going to try to save money by not having brick and mortar stores, he’d better damn well have a customer service department and a return policy that make up for it.

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