Someday it may matter.

I really need to defrag. I’ve been experiencing a serious increase in processing time for even the most basic of tasks. Errors, hangs, and full freezes are becoming more frequent. I tried the disk cleanup, but the temporary files are already all wiped out. Seems that files are being flat-out deleted instead of just moved to the Recycle Bin. Maybe I should try a good registry cleaner. With all of the programs installed and uninstalled over the years, I’m sure there’s all kind of stuff that needs to be straightened out.

I’m starting to become concerned that the problem is not hard-drive space but processor speed. How can I tell if I’m pushing the machine too hard? I’ve often wondered if I should dedicate the time and money to upgrading the thing piecemeal. Knowing me, I’ll just keep working the poor thing until it fries. My brain, I mean. Not the new computer. That arrived and everything’s fine. The gray matter on the other hand, no so much.

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