This big.

I’m no fisherman, but I caught a decent-sized fish once, and put the picture up in my cube. I recommend doing this. Take something from your personal life and post it for the visitors to see. Why, you ask? Here’s an example.

Today, someone came to my office. This poor guy has being trying to get some info out of me via phone for a few weeks, but I’ve been too busy to find the answer he’s looking for. So, in he comes. I turn to my PC, making extempore ingratiating sounds and “pulling him up” to make a good show of it. When I turn back to tell him I haven’t done anything for him, he interrupts me to ask about the fish. Is that a tiger muskie? What lake is that? Have you ever fished Lake Youveneverheardof? Et cetera. He left satisfied that I was indeed busy and not just blowing him off, dreaming of grandiose fish.

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