When Alex was in Egypt’s lands…

I have few guilty pleasures. This is due mainly to the fact that I partake in many pleasures and feel guilt about almost none of them. Today I savored one of those few — calling in sick. Now, I don’t mean calling in sick when you’re not, which ain’t right. I mean calling in sick when you’re actually sick. I usually slog my way through the work day when feeling ill, but from time to time I give the call. I don’t even do the sick voice. This is grand. Sleep half the day, laze about the rest, and feel tip-top the next morning.

Why don’t I do this every time I feel sick? Because I have a work problem. Any time you guys want to stage an intervention to tell me you’re all concerned about my working, feel free to jump right in. Granted, I rarely work late or on weekends, but still. Dude needs to take some damn vay-cay now and then. If I make it to the DMV before my birthday, it will proof of divine providence.

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