There is a priest, after all.

You know what sucks? Aspiring to write and watching Carnevale. I’ve got some catching up to do.

A co-worker asked what I did this weekend. When I told her I watched Carnevale last night, she asked what kind of show it is. Being far too pavloved to say “well, I guess it would be classfied as urban fantasy, even though it’s not in a city, but that seems to be the term used for anything fantasy that isn’t high fantasy with like elves and stuff, and it’s definitely not sci-fi, so I guess I’d say urban fantasy / alternate history” to a normal person, I found myself at a loss. I ended up saying “almost like spiritual, I guess” then trying to back-pedal forthwith. Just what I need: the “jesus-freak” moniker in the workplace. Spiritual… what was I thinking?

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man, I’ve seen four or five episodes now and I’d have better success explaining quantum physics to a dog. I’m hooked though. can’t wait for six feet under to start up again too.

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