No title for you!

Not since Wednesday? Good gracious.

Thing #1: The Loonatics. A new version of the Looney Tunes characters set in the distant future, a future which seems to consist of scary eyes, dark colors, and long, curved lines. My take — go for it. The originals are eternal, and adding to the universe is fine with me. They aren’t calling the new characters “replacements” or “updates”, so I will leave my purist attack mode aside. For now.

Thing #2: The movie Troy. Now, I fully expected to find a nearly limitless number of problems with this movie, my purist attack mode at the ready. I did not expect it to be a horrifically bad movie. If you’re going to make a bad movie, stick to the text. If you’re not going to stick to the text, at the very least make the movie worth watching.

Thing #3: The city of Pittsburgh. Surprisingly awesome.

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