Fri 1:27

Three day weekend, hour six.

Only in Buffalo does it take three stops to buy lunch.

At the recommendation of a German scientist, the fraulein and I went in search of a deli which is purported to have the best bratwurst in town. All I had to go on was a general location (Grant and Amherst) and a single syllable: “spaaaaah”. Right when we had given up and started to head home, there on the right appeared Spar’s. In we go to find on display all manner of german meat products, including the promised bratwurst.

After a swing by Globe Market for bread and Wilson Farms for mustard, we’re go for lunch. I was tempted to run out to Premier to get some weird German beer, but the two Molsons left over from last night’s sixer will do. I’ll keep you posted.

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