Sat 5:46

Three day weekend, hour 36.

I have a confession to make. Last night, a friend told me about a website which has broadened the concept of those digital pet things. Remember those? Well, here’s how the conversation went:

Mike: “So, yeah. You feed ’em and clean ’em and all that.

Alex: “Uh-huh.”

Mike: “But they’ve made a whole world for them, all these different islands.”

Alex: “Yeah. Uh-huh.”

Mike: “And they can fight each other.”

Alex: “Oh, your neopet is going DOWN, BITCH!”

Never mind my deep-seated psychological problems related to competition for now. I went and set myself up a Neopet today. Here’s the deal. It’s a whole bunch of flash games you play to get points to buy stuff for your pet. Like minesweeper and poker and stuff, but in this loose configuration of locales and with Wuzzle-looking beasties. I guess it’s like any MMORPG, but without the monthly charge.

So yeah. I hope nobody finds out.

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