Under direct order

I have government issues. I come from a town where we voted by raising our hands in town meeting and state in which there are no taxes and no services. I now live in a state where they make laws as if the goal of human existence was to cover all the paper in the world with esoterica. If the current year was 1995, I’d say I experienced culture shock, but the proliferation of the internet has made any accepted turn of phrase passe in nano-seconds, and I wouldn’t want to lose my credibility.

Here’s the problem. I don’t trust the government, and I don’t trust the people. For example, I’m not a big fan of the jury system, since it takes people who don’t necessarily know anything about the law and puts them in charge of implementing it. I also don’t think the judge should make all of the decisions, since people have biases and mortgages.

Let’s talk about public school curricula. (No, wait! Keep reading! I promise, it won’t be too bad. If you get bored, just think about how ‘curricula’ reminds you of Bunnicula.) Who should decide whether or not to teach about evolution? Now, the federal govt coming down and telling the town and city govts what to do gets my blood warm, but my guess is that the number of school districts that want not to / do not teach evolution is getting up there, and this needs to be stopped by people who have brains.

This is my pain. I don’t trust big central govt not to exploit the hell out of everything and I don’t trust the citizens to make educated decisions.

So what do I do about it? Like any self-respecting American under 37, I blog about it. Completely ineffectual, but it does feel so very, very good. I mean, to the untrained eye it’s almost like I’m writing a respectable article about a pressing issue, when in fact I’m vaguely bitching about whatever’s on my mind without being restrained by having to have a good point or any recommendations. No editor needed, I’ll publish whatever the fuck I want, thank you. This format rocks.

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I can’t believe I’m alive to witness a serious discussion about whether to teach evolution or intelligent design in American schools.

Hmmm. In this corner we have Evolution, a theory (as every scientific precept is) studied for over 150 years, supported with a century of fossil record, a half century of genetic evidence, and discussed in hundreds of thousands of scientific papers.

In this corner, we have creationism which argues that God put old seeming fossils in the ground to fool us.

What, oh what, should we teach in science class?

“I don’t trust big central govt not to exploit the hell out of everything and I don’t trust the citizens to make educated decisions.”

You and I don’t have such different politics after all. I would switch which sector was more likely to make uneducated decisions/exploit, but the point is that we both have a serious distrust of those with power that feels unchecked. We just suspiciously eye different sources. Keep on keepin’ on.


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