On antibiotics

God damn it.

The first day with some sun and I’m stuck inside, waiting for Mr. Fix-It to swing down and check out the water dripping from the window in the bathroom.

When stepping outside is synonymous with brutal cold and frustrating driving, the scope of potential activities narrow dramatically. One would think this would cause an up-swing in the world of blogs, but no. We’re all starting to crack, and our blogs reflect it. My day-to-post ratio has dropped substantially, even with last weekend’s marathon. Over at webshite, Greg is happy to let us know he’s got nothing going on. At outgrabes, boredom is tune of the day. Swish is on sabbatical, and DHKA (while not a blog) has been silent since the cold began.

And here it is, a sunny day with melting snow and the promise of a decent drive, and I’m doing the same thing I’ve done for weeks. Sit inside and screw around.

Side-note: Water damage follows me around. My childhood home, my college dormroom, my two previous apartments, and now my current living sitcheeation. I think water’s out to get me.

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