I watched Snatch last night, too.

Well, I was going to post about the fact that Oliver Wood is played by a guy named Biggerstaff, but Garv saved you all.

1. which cartoon character from our youth are you most similar to, and which would you prefer to be most like?

Most similar to: First base, Bugs Bunny. Now, I know that probably sounds self-important, picking major character like that, but here’s the deal. My smart-ass attitude gets me in trouble and I have a propensity for getting lost.

Want to be: Tigra. Mental powers, can teleport, has awesome bolo thing, and banging Cheetara. Ho!!!

2. let’s say you write the next “great american novel”. who would you most like to write glowing reviews for the dust jacket?

The concept of the great American novel is a complicated one, worthy of its own post, so I’ll answer the question you asked. Elizabeth Cook, author of Achilles. Her book is as close to perfect as I can imagine, and I can imagine quite a bit.

3. what’s your favorite curse word? (okay, that is a james lipton one, but it’s still a good question.)

I like me some ‘hell’, certainly, but I’d have to say ‘Jesus’. Gets the freaks all riled up.

4. a genie appears but can only grant three food wishes. what are your perfect breakfast, lunch, and dinner menus?

Breakfast: pancakes w/ real maple syrup, bacon. OJ, coffee.

Lunch: bread, olives, cheese. Coca-cola.

Dinner: Spaghetti and meat sauce. Salad. Bread. Wine.

5. what is one thing about you that you have never admitted on B A Start?

My last name.

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