You snooze you win.

Ah, the bored joy of a day off. I strongly recommend it. Yes, you’re going to end up feeling like you wasted the day screwing around. Yes, there will be emails a-plenty waiting for you Monday morning. Nonetheless, it is still worth it. I also recommend planning days off and vacation ahead of time. Having something to look forward to can apparently make a difference.

I’ve noticed that “stressed” has become the characteristic by which people define me. Not my close friends (while I’m sure many would not hesitate to call me such, it’s not the alpha/omega), but the various acquaintances, family members, and guest stars that fill in the gaps in the warp and woof of my interpersonal fabric. The small talk they offer when forced to talk to me reveals that the only thing they know about me is that I have a stressful job. That roughly translates to “wuss” right?

So what to do about this? Anything? Should I care?

Step 1: more vacation. Screw this coal miner crap.

Step 2: invent an interesting hobby and tell everyone about it. That way, when these poor, kind people are stuck talking to me, they can ask “so, how’s the ostrich farm?” or “hey, I saw something on snowmobiles yesterday. You still drag race them?”.

I suppose I could actually start an interesting hobby but that don’t hardly sound like me.

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