Alex smash!

After seeing this post on the RT, I decided to go and have the internet tell me just who it thinks I am. Not unlike our pal Garvey, I appear to be Spiderman. Twice. Now this just pisses me right off. I am not a fan of Spidey, not by a long shot. If I wanted a soap opera, I’d read some damn Bronte — I don’t even care which one. I give not one shit about who Peter Parker like-likes.

Along similar lines, I came close to divorce recently. Her Worshipfulness had the audacity to claim that Superman cheated on Lois with Wonder Woman. Despite my insistence that the stuff they put on the covers is usually just a ruse to get you to read the whole thing, that Superman was likely placed under a magic spell, or that the rumor smacks of Mxtlplk, she held her ground. Held her ground and very nearly found herself tossed to the curb. The very idea.

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He never did hook up with her. We just all thought he should. It’s ok though, Batman tapped that divine booty. And in a way, that’s much cooler.

Back in the day, Cathy Lee Crosby was way hotter than an already leather-faced, brown-toothed, chainsmoking Margot Kidder.

Now they’re unfortunately on the same disgusting level.

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