A few more years, at least.

Today’s lunch-time conversation: is it possible to sin in Purgatory? Assuming you buy all that crap. “According to the Catholic Church, is it possible to sin in Purgatory?” is the correct phrasing, I guess. If after death, the faithful are submitted to the refining fires of Purgatory to cleanse them of their sins before entering Heaven, is it possible for them to sin during the duration of their stay?

Answer: No, because the Devil is not present in Purgatory. Thus he cannot tempt Man, causing him to sin.

I don’t buy this. If I’m writhing around in the agonising flames of God’s love, I can still dishonor my parents. As a matter of fact, I’d say it’s pretty likely that I would.

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Or, I could see myself taking the name of the lord in vain.

plus, how you sposed to keep holy the sabbath when you’re on fire?


I had a recent conversation about the “flames of purgatory” with a coworker who was worried her dear departed aunt was writhing in horrible Catholic pain.

I told her that purgatory fire was more like a soothing heat pack or some icy hot than full bore hellfire. She actually bought it!

Back to the subject. If Catholic logic is taken as argumentative parameters, then I guess the statement stands. I personally do not need the Devil to sin.

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