As you may have guessed

You know what I don’t have? Any clothes appropriate for warm weather. Now, before you throw your hands up and yell “shopping spree” in a sing-sing tone, think on this. I hate buying clothes. Having clothes is fine, but getting them… no so much. I estimate I purchase between four and five individual pieces of clothing in a year, and that’s if you count 3-packs of boxers as three. Maybe it’s some kind of identity thing, or something as simple as ignorance as to what looks presentable. Either way, I’m completely useless.

Maybe I’ll just start wearing my work clothes all day and eliminate the problem completely. I recently limited my selection of work shirts to white and white alone, when matching ties to patterned shirts proved more than my pre-coffee consciousness could wrestle with successfully. Why not extend this to post-work? I just remove the tie Ken-style and I’m ready for an evening on the town. I’ll keep away from stain-likely foods, buy some more comfortable work shoes, and be in business. What say you now, Men’s section? I stand in defiance of your stripey tyranny!

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You go girl!

I also add a plain light blue shirt to my rotation, but that’s just because my inventory of white shirts=1 and I can’t do wash that fast.

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