Cultural unit

Rumor has it I have been memed, meaning that I must answer a question and pass the question on. Okey dokey.

What is the stupidest thing I have ever done? Most of my stupid doings are those of omission — forgetting things or not keeping track of them. I stuck my fingers in an outlet once. Backed into a concrete post. There was the phone number incident.

Myself and a dozen other Boy Scouts from around the US were backpacking in New Mexico for two weeks. I was the leader, and had the maps. One day, we had a particularly difficult hike ahead of us — up and down two mountains for a total of about twenty miles. When we reached the top of the first mountain, I picked the wrong trail. Long story short, we spent too many hours walking the wrong way in painful heat and a kid almost died.

And there you have it, the stupidest thing I’ve ever done. The moral of the story is “don’t give Alex the map,” an adage which has held true for every one of the thirteen years since that event. And now comes the part where I pass it on:

Jess, Emily, and the madcap band of misfits that is Webshite.

1 thought on “Cultural unit

  1. Greg

    Yeah, so I was informed of this chain by Garvey in person over the weekend.

    I promptly forgot. Now I’m at work, and can’t really assemble a proper answer. Nor can I tap three bloggy friends who haven’t already been a part of this question thing. But I’ll try, sometime soon. Maybe.


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