Tired of “news” about runaway brides? B A Start brings you the important stuff. Looks like Gates let the news out that he’s planning to ship the next version of the Xbox this year.

Now, I got the Xbox in the fall of last year. Despite the chorus of wails from the leet community, I had no issues buying the Xbox with the full knowledge of the rumors. As I made small talk with one of my brother’s geek friends, he expressed deep concern about the purchase, since the next-next-gen machine was due out “next year”. I patted him on the head and told him it would all be okay somehow. He’d see. There are plenty of Xbox titles out there to keep me occupied well into the career of the Xbox 360 (or whatever it ends up being named), but this line of reasoning cannot be followed by a geek. You have two choices — retrogaming or the latest/greatest. I felt it best to let the topic slide. The black-shirt-with-white-text-wearing squirrel of a man skittered into the other room, presumably to level up his paladin.

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