Push ’em.

Now this is some great marketing. Anyone surprised I’m posting about this? What with the name of this blog and everything?

For those of you not pathetically geeky enough to get it, Sony is advertising their upcoming Playstation 3 here with a riff off of their four buttons “Live in your world. Play in ours.” campaign. By lopping a few lines off of their well-established set of symbols, they obfuscate them just enough to make even my nerd eye have to look twice before figuring it out. Turn the “e” backwards to get a “3”, and you’ve got one hell of a billboard. Good work, Sony people. Now make a wallpaper with those symbols on it and post it online for me to download. While you’re at it, send me some cool swag. You know, something subtle but not so obscure that no one in the world would ever get it. I love you.

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