It has come to this

Dear Hot Topic –

While I have appreciated your efforts to provide videogame-related clothing to the consumer, you appear to have just slightly missed my particular niche. I am in the market for a style which can best be described as “subversive.” I want clothes which advertise the fact that I intensely geeky to those in the know, but appear fairly normal to the rest of society.

Allow me to give an example. I saw in your establishment a T-shirt which read “Halo 2“, and another which had the shield/swords/alien skull symbol for the Legendary difficulty setting from Halo and read “Legendary” in small type underneath. The latter of these is getting closer to what I’m talking about. Blatantly stating “I play and enjoy Halo 2” is not as cool. Are you with me?

Here is what I would like to see from you: a series of unassuming polo shirts with corporate logos embroidered on the right breast, but the logos are from the evil corporations from various videogames. For starters, whip a few for Shinra Incorporated, Datadyne, and the Umbrella Corporation.

You see, the market is now flooded with people for whom videogames have been a part of their entire lives, people like myself who are getting a bit old to be dressing like teenagers. Pac-man himself turns 25 this month, a sobering fact. Please keep us in mind in the future. After all, we don’t have to ask our parents for money.

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Just go to somewhere like cafepress, design the logo yourself, and start marketing.

(not sure if cafepress gives you enough flexibility, but something out there must)

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