Even more boring than regular baseball.

Okay. So, the first two innings of a minor league baseball game will be played on the Xbox, and the other seven will be played by the real teams. Local fanboys have been competing at CompUSA (where else?) to be holding the controllers for those first two innings.

#1 – This is lame.

#2 – Here’s my favorite part of the story: “The idea for the promotion came from the 6-year-old niece of Bryan Williams, director of community relations for the T-Bones.”

How did this go?

“Unkoo Bwyan! You pway game!”

“What’s that, honeybunch?”

“You pway game on TV!”

“Yes, that’s right. I play games on the TV. Videogames. That’s why my brother got to marry your mommy and I still live with mine.”

“You pway game wif men outside!”

“Uh huh, I play baseball in real life too. Well, sometimes the guys let me go get the foul balls for them.”

“You pway boaf!”

“Yes, honey, I play both.”

“You pway boaf! You pway boaf!”

“Wait a minute — that’s a great idea! We can play videogames AND real baseball at the same time! You’re a genius Rita-Mae!”

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