This one might drop

Picked up Tiger Woods 2004 this weekend, which has unsurprisingly dominated my life since. Gameplay is pretty much the same as the ’03 version, but a big addition was made with character customization. There’s the EA Sports Game Face, which ought to be called EA Sports Try To Make Something Look Like You, Get Frustrated And Give Up Face, and a veritable stripmall’s-worth of clothes. Now, the clothes serve a purpose in making money via sponsorships, but we all know they’re so you can play dress-up. This brings up the age-old issue of the digital avatar. When faced with the requirement to make a character for yourself, what do you do? Make him look like you? Similar to you but cooler? Something funny? Something completely different?

No matter what you do, it’s going to be embarrassing, especially when your wife catches you shopping for digital golf duds. You know what she’s thinking when that happens? “How is this more interesting than hanging out with me? You’d think he could find the time to… ooh! The salmon one with the stripes! Make me! Make me!”

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