Bwa ha ha ha haaaaaa…

Recently played Castlevania: Seemphony Of De Naaayt. Fantastic game in which you are the son of Dracula and some human chick and are trying to keep ol’ Vlad from returning to life because you like people. There are four different endings, depending on how you beat the game. I took the time to get the fourth ending, and let me tell you, even having removed any “oh my god this is so frickin cheesy” thoughts from my mind, I was disappointed.

You see, in the third ending, the son of Drac tells his boon companions that he’s off to kill himself to end the line of Nosferatu forever. In the fourth, it’s the same deal, except that one of the said companions runs off after him, apparently under the impression that her amorous intentions would keep him from driving a stake through his heart.

Are you kidding me? If you’re going to go through the effort of making a tale of Gothic horror, don’t make the ending be about getting the girl. Where’s your head at, Konami?

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