Finally stepping to the plate, Greg decided that a comment on the vampire-rules-all post just wasn’t enough, and decided to harass me via email. The results follow.

Greg – I just read your little vampire post. Who do you think you’re kidding?

Alex – Dude. For the purposes of that post, werewolves turn into regular old wolves. Not jacked-up uberwolfmen. I kid no one!

Greg – For the purposes of that post? You can’t just change the rules under that auspice.

Alex – And by your rationale, I should be using the vampire powers laid out in Anne Rice, or even Castlevania. The concept was classic v classic. It’s not my fault your precious werewolves suck.

Greg – You did use the vampire powers laid out in castlevania. Specifically, Symphony of the Night.

If we’re taking about the lonely count in the castle, then you ought to take the wolfman against him since they’re both romantic flavored tales. If we’re talking about the very first myths, take Lycaon, but then take the nosferatu skeevy bugger who simply drinks human blood.

If we’re talking about legends, well the man-into-wolf is one. The man into ferocious dire-wolf immune to normal weapons is another (loup-garou). The man into 15ft tall hulking, furred, clawed, fanged biped who rides the winds, disappears by turning sideways and hunts with the aid of evil spirits is yet another (wendigo).

Sorry to keep on this. Academically, I just don’t think the proper comparisons were made.

Alex – I meant “DARK METAMORPHOSIS!!!” etc.

You know, I agree. Dracula was not the origin of the vampire legend, and thus should not necessarily have counted. Or, if I was going to use the earliest popularization of the legend, I should have used… The Wolfman or something. I’ll be sure to post your statements for all to see, Mr, Wikipedia.

Greg – The wikipedia was of no help to me. I went there, but it had nothing that I didn’t already know on the subject. I had to search the far corners of the internet to verify my knowledge on those obscure bits!

3 replies on “Ah-woooo”

G$-werewolves are men that change into wolves, and vampires drink blood. It’s 2 seriously disturbed individual types, that’s all. That being said, I put my money on “Sybil” toting a gatling gun with a silver-bullet magazine. Oh and now to keep you really occupied, Werewolf or Ninja???

Cybill Shepherd has a gatling gun? weird.

Don’t do werewolf v. ninja. It’s the same as if someone asked you if yoda could beat Muhammad Ali. Whoever wins, you’re down one really cool thing.

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