Never happen

Another excellent wedding this weekend.

At the aforementioned wedding, I asked a friend and his girlfriend how their recently purchased Playstation 2 has been working out. I was perfunctorily told that they have been playing Tiger Woods, and then heard a sentence I had never thought I would:

Ashley: “Chris made me a player.”

Someone had finally done it. Someone had broken down decades of resistance and convinced his girl to play videogames.

Alex: “Really? That’s great! I can’t believe it!”
Ashley: “I’ve got a skort.”

Hmm… so, she plays videogames in a skort? (I’m inferring from the horizontal slashing motion she made mid-thigh and the spork-like term that this word is meant to describe an article of clothing that’s somehow both a skirt and pair of shorts. Feel free to write in if I’m wrong). Do gamer girls wear skorts? Did these two go to Hot Topic and say “give me everything that geek chicks wear”? Had they taken it that far? In mind appeared a vision of Ashley in a plaid skirt (I still can’t figure out what a skort would look like. Something like one hand clapping, I think), black boots, and an anime T-shirt sitting in Chris’s living-room mashing buttons.

Alex: “Did he buy you a pink tanktop that says “gamer” or something?
Ashley (befuddled look): “In the game. In Tiger Woods. My player wears a skort.”
Alex: “Uh… heh-heh. Who needs a drink?”

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