4 thoughts on “fingers crossed

  1. Scott

    I read my first James Bond novel recently. He doesn’t even get the girl, let alone get any gadgets. Should be interesting.

  2. goose

    So not pleased with this choice, he looks like a hoodlum, not the debonair, dashing Bond. He’s also not young enough for Casino Royale. Most disappointing.

  3. Alex

    Scott: Which one?

    Goose: It will be nice to see someone who actually looks convincing when he punches someone. Bond is a military man and an orphan — not exactly born to the purple. Put this guy in a decent suit and an Aston Martin and he’ll be charming enough.

  4. goose

    I’m confused on the convincing punching line? I can only assume that you are referring to either the foppish-at-best Moore, or ludicrously cast Dalton, as Connery knocked the hell out of people, and Brosnan beat the crap out of the transmogrified English guy in “Die Another Day”.
    Bond is a military man albeit Naval Intelligence, and an orphan, but an orphan with means! (well-to-do parents that died in a climbing accident-leaving him with an inheritance to pay his tuition at Eton which he dropped out of) I can’t drink the Kool-Aid on Craig yet, I’m going to have to wait and see “Casino Royale” and then call the ball.


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