No help

Apparently there comes a point in one’s career past which people care about what you do outside of work. Associations, volunteer organizations, and whatnot. Not really my bag, which may become a problem fairly quickly. Here’s an example of why I am not destined for any board rooms:

The setting — my porch. A co-worker walks by as some friends and I carouse.

Professional young woman: I have a JLA meeting tomorrow.
Alex: You’re in the Justice League of America?!?
PYW: That’s what my husband said. It’s the Junior League, a women’s community organization.
Alex: Huh. Is there a Senior League? Is it all men?
PYW: I’m going to go home and go to bed. Work tomorrow.
Alex: I’m going to continue drinking on my porch. Work tomorrow.

2 replies on “No help”

That is by far the funniest thing I’ve read in recent weeks. You should drop off a Wonder Twins decoder ring on her desk one day this week.

Now, you see, Wonder Woman would have been much more congenial.
How dare a coworker disturb you in your Fortress of Solitude, anyway?

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