And Hell’s coming with me

Here’s a follow-up to the recent business about intelligent design. Since I do truly believe that the rounding-up and ‘re-education’ of non-Jesus-freaks is becoming more and more likely, I feel like I should skip town. My fanaticism for the US, on the other hand, dictates that I should move to the bible belt and start a life of vigilante rationality. Which will I choose?

I think I may stage a Constantinian mass conversion. I’ll go Protestant, get elected President, go to war, and then receive a vision from the spirit of Newton which will tell me that I will win the battle through the mighty influence of the mysterious and sacred powers of physics.

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I believe in God and I believe that God created the universe. I also believe that it is entirely acceptable to teach creationism and intelligent design in schools, public or otherwise…IF AND ONLY IF…it is in a class called “Religious Studies” (but not “Religion”,) or “Philosophy of [X],” or “Mythology,” etc., AND it is taught along with alternative faith-based theories. It is NOT ok to teach it as science because it is not science.

Furthermore, I think it (along with alternative theories) SHOULD be taught in school — according to the previously-listed criteria — because we need to churn out students that know how to think in many different ways and can form opinions based on many things. Like all things, science should be challenged by young minds. Science is not flawless and unfailable and we shouldn’t let our kids think that it is, even though it’s pretty freaking dead-on with most things.

And I’m not leaving America. For crying out loud. Patience and tolerance work both ways, even when you know you are right.

This whole fad will last only until the fundamentalists hit the inevitable truth that modern firearms are devices born of human science.

Then they’ll stop attacking science and hit up ballistics engineers for even cooler, more badass things they can use in the name of God.

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