Let’s Get Together

I went to a seminar today in which, among other things, the trainer stated that Generation-X’ers don’t like to work in groups because we’re all latch-key children who came home to empty houses and played Nintendo. As the only representative of the under-40 crowd in attendance, I decided to hold my tongue. My thoughts on the root causes of the apathy and indolence of Gen-X aside, I have to confess that I was baffled by the Nintendo being cited as an anti-socializer. I don’t remember ever playing videogames by myself as a kid. I remember my brothers watching me crawl my way through Final Fantasy, my father spending entire weekends burning every tree and bombing every rock in The Legend of Zelda as we logged his progress, my friends and I mastering the intricacies of Pro Wrestling and RC Pro Am. For my sixteenth birthday my parents bought me a 12-inch TV for my bedroom, so my brothers just watched my run through Lifeforce there instead.

Lies! Lies I say!

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did they ask you to think, with every decision you make: "is this good for the company?" I agree that while video games–especially early video games–tended to be a solo experience, if there happened to be anyone else around they quickly became a social experience. That might be a by-product of me living in a rather full house growing up, but that's my perception.


At least when we play Tiger Woods, it's a group experience. A group experience of Victor Cracker kicking all y'alls ass, that is.

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