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Received a welcome surprise yesterday upon watching the recent sci-fi release The Island. Not only is the movie good (the car chase was exciting enough to make me, sitting at home with the lights on viewing the film on my 21″ TV, gasp several times) but it features the Cadillac Cien, a concept car I just happen to have in my garage.

Picking the cars for sci-fi movies must be a blast. Sure, the hero is going to have to drive a slicked-down version of the latest sports car from whatever automaker pays the most, but what about all the other ones? Do you use current models with small changes? Do you design all new vehicles based on a few design concepts? Can they fly? Hover?

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Garvey and I watched this one a couple weeks ago. We both agreed the best scene was the guy getting cranked in the head with the wrench. By far, the best sound effect of the year.

I think car design choices for futuristic sci-fi films depends upon the setting of the movie. For instance, if the time frame is from 10-30 or 40 years into the future I think about the only drastic change would be body style and hydrogen powered machines. (Also, more infusion of technology, ex: video instead of mirrors) If you’re talking about 100+ yrs. into the future I think any design is fair game, though I’d hesitate to say the ‘flying car’ mystique would be appropriate (logistics, piloting ability of the masses, travel routes etc….) Just some thoughts.

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