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The Noid. The old Dominos Pizza ad campaign. I need some help here.

Wasn’t the genesis of the little red-suited dude a pun? “If your pizza is cold, you get a Noid (annoyed)”? Am I alone in remembering this? I checked Retrojunk‘s commerical archive, and all of the Noid-related entries refer to the Noid in the singular, not as a species of Italian-food gremlins that attack all pizzas but those delivered in the red and blue boxes.

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  1. Johnny

    You are completely right. The Noid, who spawned 2 video games and so on and so forth, started as a pun as to what would happen to you if your pizza did not arrive in under 30 minutes, dropped off by a deliveryman on crank. You would become a ‘Noid. Which of course, everyone wished to avoid. I seem to remember in the recesses of my memories as a six year old a commercial where someone whose pizza was quite late actually transformed into a ‘Noid.

    Of course, after Dominos drivers started plowing into pedestrians and other vehicles in a mad dash to deliver pie in under 30 minutes, it became obvious that the Noid was winning, so they scrapped the campaign.

    He now lives in Dubuqe.


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