A drink and smoke

The latest meme.

“Here’s the next meme for everyone, as long as you get it before someone else with your name does. Type in your first name and the word “needs” into Google. Post the first 10 results, plus a few other interesting ones.”

Alex needs feedback.
Alex needs a history lesson
Alex needs confirmation
All Alex needs is time and weed to play-test through levels 10 though 15.
Alex needs to do something–and quickly.
Do you know what Alex needs? What Alex needs is a new job.
Alex needs to stop obsessing over this guy, its like he wants to date him.
alex needs to go to sleep on his own
Alex needs to come back, because the show sucks without her.
Sir Alex needs to stop messing about and stick with the 4-4-2.
Clearly, Alex needs romantic relief.
Alex needs a room for some big games.

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Beers needs Africa to shine, soon
Beers needs to die.
Beers needs, worth $160,000.
beers, needs additional investment …
Beers needs to find the most efficient ways to prospect mine and recover diamonds.
Beers needs to realize that audiences abroad don’t value learning things they
already know about America.
Beers needs “to see if we can find the right mix of policies
Beers needs to do directly in the US
Beers needs to hold onto its name
Beers needs all the positive PR it can muster,
Beers needs help in our business office cleaning out some old files
beers needs to stop by for a tall cold one at the Brussels Gueuze Museum.
Beers needs to start thinning out the attitudes.
Beers needs to hold back on capes
Beers needs to coordinate and communicate
beers. Needs a building twice the size to make drinking more comfortable

I like the Sir Alex 4-4-2 comment. A soccer reference, surely. I’m guessing, since Manchester Utd makes such classic use of the 4-4-2 formation, that “Sir Alex” is Alex Ferguson. Not sure if he’s been knighted.

John K. needs to go back to the drawing board and rediscover
the insanity that made this such a great work.
John K. needs to perform
exceptionally well at challenges to stick around.
John K needs to work the other guys over or he could still get the
John K needs to check on the element for the
John K needs this “information” because he will be handing over the Minor Dong
Ring to a Yazoo at the end of the men’s tribal council
John K. needs to examine various aspects of his career and update his fashion
John K. needs to pull something out of his arse, otherwise he’s
toast this week
John k needs
to play a sausage party
John K. needs some political Viagra,
John K. needs to mature emotionally if He wants to get through the angst.
John K needs to come out of his nice Guy shell and get a little dirty.

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