Ages ago — around twelve years now — I went to Canada with some friends. As we sat around a table of pub grub, one guy (who happens to be the most intellectual person I have ever known) asked a question which kicked off a long string of discussions over many bar nights: if you were an X-man, who would you be? This developed into a more subtle dual question: which X-man are you most like, and if you had your choice, which X-man would you be?

The Mad Lib nature of this query became something of an obsession for some, and over years we drove it into the ground. “If you were a piece of cutlery…” etc. Nonetheless, the original question remains pure and untouched.

In personality, I’d say I’m most like Beast. You know, the geek one who talks alot. Whose power? Longshot, who possesses limitless luck. Sure, he’s a wacko who comes from another dimension, but still.

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