Dear videogame creators:

Please create more situations in which players on the same team can physically interact. Of note: in X-men Legends, where, for example, Storm can pick up characters and fly him around. This adds a new element to a game, and not just a co-operative play element. It gives the players opportunity to bug the hell out of each other.

The prime example is the fastball special, a move in which Colossus picks Wolverine up and hurls him towards the enemy. This ability was meant to be used for attack, but is far more entertaining when used for multiplayer annoyance. Bored with saving civilian mutants from Sentinels? Why not chase Wolverine around and throw him against things? The verbal ping-pong game of “get-back-here-you-little” versus “would-you-stop-it” adds new interactivity. Colossus getting out of hand? Take Jean airborne and try to catch Colossus, creating a game of dog-and-cat-and-mouse. Great fun for all players.

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I picked up X:L II for the cube along with Mario Sunshine yesterday for a combined total of $40. This should provide adequate sustenance for the "my pc is broken" marathon.

Haven't teamed up Colossus with Wolvie yet, though. Probably for the same reason burn victims don't sit close to bonfires.

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