Even the Simplest Lines

Decades from now, some desperate grad student will write a thesis on the new social archetypes which started with the pantheon of characters from 80’s TV ads. You may remember the post on the Noid — today we discuss the pink bunny with the drum. He’s entered my conscious thought a few times recently, as follows.

Elliott Smith refers to this ever-drumming automaton in his song Rose Parade, a depiction of someone too much of a mopey, self-involved coke addict to enjoy a parade.

They asked me to come down and watch the parade
and to march down the street like the duracell bunny

This morning on NPR, some dude — sorry, “listener commentator” — was bitching about the national debt.

“Like the Duracell bunny it just keeps on going”.

Here’s the thing: it’s the Energizer Bunny. I mean, I know Duracell has more name recognition, but come on. It must drive the Energizer marketing people crazy.

Here’s another thing. Apparently, there are Duracell bunnies, at least according to Wikipedia. These are not, though, the bunnies in question.

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That. is. hilarious. And something I’ve, admittedly, perpetuated myself.

I can just see the Duracell marketing bigwigs high fiving each other over their dumb luck, wondering if they could inadvertently steal Eveready’s thunder too.

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