Maxing out

Oh sweet glimmering jesu.

I just don’t know how much more I can take. I mean, first an awesome Supe trailer, next an awesome Jimbo trailer, and now this? What’s next? What could possibly be coming tomorrow?

Friday: Gates of Fire Goes Hollywood! Pressfield writing screenplay, filmed on location. No love interest. Actors will speak ancient Greek, and the movie will be subtitled. Keegan, Kagan, and Banchich slated as advisors.

Saturday: The Iliad, the HBO maxi-series begins filming. Every dust-biting, every foot race, every broken sword, every Nestor ramble to be acted out exactly as in the poem. Lattimore translation.

Sunday: In an unprecedented move, Lucas hires the author of B A Start for a nine-year, highly lucrative contract to write Star Wars: Episodes I, II, and III. “I had some fun with the movies, but I really just wanted to try out my new toys and make a lot of money. So, I’m considering them an alternate-universe plot-line, and have brought Alex in to write the real canon.”

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I listened to that clip. I’ll admit, his ideas kindled something in me…hey, whatever makes him happy, but star wars is what it is. You know, it could only happen the way it did. time changes things; it certainly changes people. And context is everything — we aren’t 10 anymore and nothing would have made star wars in 1999 feel like star wars did in 198x. In my opinion, the only affront is that the movies were ever made in the first place, precisely because of the above reasons. The story should have remained where it did for the commentator: in our heads. Thinking of the new films this way allows a separation from something almost limbic — our collective star wars reflex.

don’t forget the LOTR maxi-series on BBC. sans peter jackson. with a daniel day-lewis aragorn and elves without fake ears.

I knew my waiting to get the Star Wars DVDs would pay off! FInally the original versions!! But now what do I need my new (to me) LD player for?

My other big hope for this DVD release is that they fixed the music audio level during the Death Star battle in Ep IV. That’s my favorite, most thrilling bit of the soundtrack, and it is seriously muffled in the latest release.

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