Things That Are Different

I am sunburned and bearded.

A Jiffy-Lube in Durham, NC now has my address. What they plan to do with it, I can only guess.

Gary has commented on my recent posts roughly one jillion times. I will address them one by one, slowly divvying.

I now know the following: highway signs that say “Exit Only” mean “this lane is for the exit”. They don’t mean “it is absolutely impossible to get back on the highway. Enjoy living out the rest of your short life lost on the untamed rural byways of West Virginia”. Good to know.

5 thoughts on “Things That Are Different

  1. Garvey

    I also lol’ed. I was on a collegiate road trip with Peter and Fish when I learned that driving lesson, and it meant we had to wait another ten minutes before we could get more coffee.

  2. Peter

    I was about to mention Garvey’s insistence during said road trip that “exit only” meant no way back on, but he beat me to it.

    Specifically, he said we couldn’t go to a particular Cracker Barrel location, because it was off an “exit only” exit and we’d never see our families again.

    I believe we argued about it a bit. We got over it.

    We also learned about how trucks reproduce, and the! effect!! of!!! explanation!!!! points!!!!

  3. gary

    Wow, that’s totally news to me. Then, what about the Bedford Rd. tolls back in MMK? You can get off going north or get on going south. I think those say “Exit Only”.

    My highway gripe is when states allow places to slap their logo on the blue “Food” or “Gas” signs, only to find, after exiting, that the place is 5 miles down the road toward Toothless Town.

    Oh, and I have barely begun my postings… maybe. I should probably spend more time typing a thesis.


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