I’m a fiddler crab

Apparently You Tube has all kinds of Looney Tunes cartoons. See the stuff you learn when you take a few days off?

Here’s a personal favorite. I saw discussing this one with Garv the other night. Between the light/shadow use, the points-of-view, and those creepy little eyes, I was terrified of this one as a kid.

B A Start poll: Funniest Looney Tunes cartoon ever? My vote: This one.

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That’s a tough, tough call. For one, funny to me now, isn’t the same as funny to me when I used to watch looney tunes all the time. I know my favorite then was always Ali Baba Bunny.

Foghorn Leghorn always cracked my shit up too.

Hillbilly Hare, by leaps and bounds. Although the one where Bugs wrestles The Crusher is up there also.

Duck Rabbit Duck is wonderful, however, I think the all round best Looney Tunes cartoon is “The Dover Boys of Pimento University Or: The Rivals of Roquefort Hall”

It was the first time they experimented with a lot of the over the top animation and sight gags that later became a hallmark of Looney Tunes. Also, Dan Backslide is one damned funny villian. If you can find it, I promise laughs like you wouldn’t believe from a 64 year old cartoon.

I liked ALL of the ones mentioned and seen here. However, I remember one with Speedy Gonzales and his cousin Slowpoke, who “may be slow in da feets, but quick in the cabeza.” that I found really amusing. Also the one with Bugs and the orange monster, and any cartoon with Bugs and Yosemite Sam is at the top of my list.

All excellent choices! I think “Rabbit of Seville” and “What’s Opera, Doc?” are my favorites. Bugs and Elmer doing Barber of Seville and Wagner. Hilarious stuff.

I’m going to kill the wabbit, kill the WABbit, KILL the WABBIT!!!

I hope you guys are looking these titles up. “Rabbit of Seville” is probably the only one I know by name, no surprise. That one has a special connection with my Dad. When we were really young, he would dry our hair after baths while singing “Fiiiiigaro… Lalalalalalala– LA!”

However, I do know that the “orange monster” is named Gossamer. (Oh, the etymological irony that Goose knew it not!) And I still use my old Bugs Bunny mousepad.

The funniest one for me must be Duck Amuck. (Yes, I had to look up the name.) Self-referential humor is as funny as it is.

I tried to find the old Merrie Melodies episode in which Bugs sports a phallus, but no luck. I don’t think Amanda is going to follow my suggestion of adding an homage to that scene in Garfield 2. Shame, that.

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